Sunburst Turbo Quickdump™

Starting with the advanced transducer from our Sunburst Turbo megasonics, and combining it with an efficient rinse tank design, the award-wining Sunburst Turbo Quickdump megasonic rinse system provides high-efficiency rinse performance. This system has proven to dramatically reduce the DI water consumption of most post-acid rinses, and the overall defect density of many wet processes. Using Sunburst Turbo Quickdump megasonics can also increase the useful life of most chemical baths. Several configurations accommodate OEM and end-user applications.   sunburst-turbo-quickdump

• Reduces DI water use up to 80%

• Reduces overall defect density

• PVDF and PP tank materials

• 300mm and smaller wafers

• Post-sulfuric, post-phosphoric, post-SC-2, and other post-acid rinse applications

• Transducer can be removed and replaced in the field