Sunburst® Turbo Plus™

The Sunburst Turbo Plus is the most advanced megasonic cleaner in the Marteq portfolio. The patented transducer is PFA-sheathed aluminum allowing it to be used where Quartz transducers can’t. It’s also more efficient at transmitting megasonic energy, enabling it to remove smaller particles, and be used with more sensitive structures than previous Sunburst Turbo generations. Add the optional integrated quickdump rinse for in-situ rinsing. Like all Sunbursts, there’s 100% energy coverage of the wafer at all times without cassette erosion.


• Consistently near-100% particle removal efficiencies to 0.12µm in many applications

• Quartz, PVDF, PP tank materials

• 300mm and smaller wafers

• Compatible with SC-1, SC-2, HF, solvents, and other chemistries

• Cleans and rinses in same tank

• Transducer can be removed and replaced in the field

• Patented new megasonic technology for higher cleaning performance and broader  chemical compatibility

• Teflon sheathed aluminum Sunburst TurboPlus (STP) transducer provides more efficient means of transmitting megasonic energy

• Single, dual, and custom cassette applications

• Quartz, PVDF, and Natural Polypropylene tank materials

• 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm models available

• Greater than 97% particle removal  efficiency at 0.12µm

• Enables lower temperature processing  without loss of cleaning performance

• Strategically located curved transducer  directs energy between cassette sidewalls to eliminate shadowing and cassette damage  caused by flat transducers

• Optional integrated quickdump rinse for single tank cleaning and megasonic enhanced in-situ rinsing

• Optional transducer upgrade package  improves sonic uniformity for damage  sensitive devices

• Compatible with chemistries that cannot  be used with quartz tranducers increasing  flexibility for applications such as HF and  solvents

• Higher power and watt-density for special applications

• Core hardware and technology from  Verteq’s high- performance VcS system

• The STP transducer is installed in a  Verteq tank or can be integrated into an  OEM-designed tank

• Non-quartz transducer construction eliminates  breakage, and allows explosion- resistant operation with solvents

• Flexible microprocessor controller  compatible with PLC and SECSII  communication

• Automatic power- and frequency- tuning during process

• Integral nitrogen “bubbler” level sensor  and flow sensor to protect the transducer

Sunburst Turbo
Traditional and dilute SC-1, SC-2, and  similar chemistries for:

• Pre-Diffusion Clean

• Pre-Epi Clean

• Monitor Wafer Clean

• Post-Laserscribe Clean

• Post-Acid Rinsing

• and more

• Silicon wafers, thin wafers

• GaAs wafers

• Hard disks

• Glass, masks, and virtually any substrate  up to 300mm