Drivers and evaluation kits for micropumps


Laboratory box

Access to the full range of driving parameters. A system for the professional evaluation of the micropumps.

Operating Manual for mp-Labtronix Controller



Evaluation board

The mp-Multiboard is an evaluation board that allows to control up to four mp6 micropumps simultaneously with
various waveforms, frequencies ranging from 8 Hz up to 800 Hz and amplitudes from 0 Vpp to 250 Vpp.

Operating Manual for mp-Multiboard


Pump driver

The mp-Highdriver drives the micropump at adjustable performance in a package similar to an integrated circuit. It enables integration into system electronics or on a PCB.

Operating Manual for mp-Highdriver Controller


Pump driver

The mp-Lowdriver is a small, easy to use driving circuit developed for the micropumps of the mp6-series especially
for low-flowrate applications as it has a high amplitude resolution and is thus ideally suited for controlled loop
flow regulation systems. It generates amplitudes up to 150 Vpp from a 3-5 V DC supply.
Its low power consumption makes it ideal for battery powered handheld devices or even solar powered devices.
The module can be integrated into a PCB design as a 18 pin DIL package.
The I²C interface allows the user to adapt frequency, amplitude and signal-shape to its application by the use of
any simple microcontroller capable of I²C communication.

Operating Manual for mp-Lowdriver Controller


Pump driver for up to 4 pumps

The mp-Highdriver4 is designed to pump up to 4 mp6 micropumps simultaneously.  It provides an adjustable automatic ramping
feature that slowly increases or decreases the peak output voltage when a change is made to the output amplitude.

Operating manual for mp-Highdriver4