Bartels Equipment

Next to our micropumps and control units we are offering auxiliary equipment as well, which allows you a quick and easy assembly of your application.


mp-t tygon tubing

Transparent Tygon® tubing with an inner diameter of 1.3 mm for the mp6-hyb, mp6-liq, mp6-pi, mp6-gas and mp6-gas+ micropumps, and with an inner diameter of 1.02 mm for the mp6-pp micropump can be ordered in meters.

Properties and benefits:

  • Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results
  • Increases productivity in pumps – outlasts other clear tubing 2 to 1
  • Standard sizes available to hold full vacuum at room temperature
  • Smooth, polished inner wall
  • Non-oxidizing and non-contaminating
  • Slips easily over fittings and grips securely for simple lab set-ups
  • Contains no BPA


mp-cv check valve

When the micropump is switched off, a back flow of the pumping medium, depending on a differential pressure between in- and outlet is possible.

In order to impede a back flow, Bartels Mikrotechnik offers a passive check valve integrated in stainless steel.

The connection of the valves with the micropump can be done easily with suitable tubing.


dimensions 21 mm x 5.5 mm (length x wrench size)
0.82677 x 0.2165 in.
materials silicone, stainless steel
fluid connectors for tubing with an ID of 1.3 mm
cracking pressure typical < 35 mbar
max. back pressure 500 mbar
typical leak rate < 20µl/h for DI-water (at 500 mbar)



mp6-mol connector

The mp6-hyb, mp6-liq, mp6-pi, mp6-pp, mp6-gas and mp6-gas+ pump can be connected via a FCC connector. Each piezo has a single lead for the negative and the positive supply voltage.

The connector is available in different versions to fit various applications.


number of contacts 4 contacts
gender receptacle
pitch spacing 1.25 mm
contact termination type through hole
number of rows 1 row
contact plating tin plated contacts
contact material phosphor bronze
FFC/FPC thickness 0.3 mm



mp6-con cable

The micropumps mp6-hyb, mp6-liq, mp6-pi, mp6-pp, mp6-gas and mp6-gas+ can be connected to the mp-x controller by means of the mp6-con cable.


cable length 1 m
molex connector 4 pole
side 1 FCC/FPC thickness 0.3 mm
grid dimensions 1.25 mm
tin plated contacts
side 2 truss cable plug 620



mp-y tubing connector

Y-connector for tubing made of natural coloured PP, for the parallel use of two micropumps.

  • all-round with the same olive-size
  • slightly transparent
  • autoclavable
  • constant inner diameter
  • uniform flow rates
  • tight connection


Material: polypropylene (PP) for tubing with an ID of 1,3 – 2,6 mm
0.0512 – 0.1024 in.