Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

Sensirion’s mass flow controllers are characterized by fast and accurate control of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. Based on the innovative CMOSens® Technology, the heart of these mass flow controllers is a calorimetric microsensor (MEMS), which is integrated with the complete signal conditioning electronics on one single chip. While the flow is measured using the thermal measurement principle, efficient control is provided by an analog controlling circuit. This unique integrated technological approach results in excellent performance and reliability – at a very attractive cost.

Mass Flow Controller SFC5000

The digital SFC5000 series offers an improved settling time, high flexibility regarding mechanical fittings, new digital interfaces and a better dynamic range. It also provides multi-gas option, higher calibrated flow ranges and self-test capability. Its versatility makes it suitable for applications in the industrial and medical sectors.

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Mass Flow Controllers SFC4000/3000

The mass flow controller SFC4000 is an extremely fast, precise and accurate analog mass flow controller. It offers an analog interface (0-5 V) in standard mechanical dimensions. Required power supply is unipolar 14 to 24 VDC. The SFC3000 is a small, fully digital mass flow controller for high-volume OEM applications. Its excellent stability and repeatability make it ideal for analytical instruments.

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