VF Series Multi Channel Synthesizer Modules
Accommodates up to 16 Channels and a Wide Range of Frequencies
Comdel’s VF series multi channel synthesizer modules provide phase adjustable output to avoid destructive arcing and cross-talk in multiple cathode plasma processing chambers. The VF series can accommodate up to 16 channels and may be programmed to any frequency between 2 and 60 MHz. Frequency changes are simultaneous and phase continuous. The phase of each channel can be adjusted to an accuracy greater than 0.1 degree resolution. The VF series allows adjustment for cable length dependencies.
  • Programmable to any frequency between 2 and 60 MHz
  • Ability to store multiple phase offsets for batch processing
  • Simultaneous and phase continuous frequency changes
  • Allows adjustment for cable length dependencies
  • Ability to automate tuning process
  • All channels can be individually programmed for different frequencies

The VF series is designed to meet the performance demand in RF-driven plasma systems for semiconductor processing. Applications include etch, RIE, parallel plate, ICP, RF sputtering, CVD and PVD, as well as induction and dielectric heating processes in industrial systems, and solar photovoltaic applications.

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Input Current: 1A
  • RF Voltage Output: 500mV RMS minimum, 650mV typical (into 50 Ohms)
  • Frequency Output: 2-60 MHz
  • Control: Local Operation, RS232 Operation
  • Customized choice of up to 16 channels
  • Local Operation or RS232 Operation
  • Higher and lower frequency modules are available