Marteq is the OEM for New Verteq Equipment

Marteq is the official OEM source for Verteq products including the SuperClean™ rinser dryer and Sunburst Turbo™ megasonics. We at Marteq are the people that originally designed and built this equipment, and we look forward to continuing the tradition of quality manufacturing and service that Verteq provided for its customers.

Marteq owns all the original engineering, documentation, and manufacturing procedures used by the original Verteq factory, and employs many of the same people that set the quality standard the industry has come to expect from the SuperClean rinser dryer and Sunburst Turbo megasonic product lines.

In addition to new equipment, we sell factory reconditioned rinser dryers. We also buy used rinser dryers to refurbish, and we provide reconditioning services for your original-owner or used rinser dryer.

We manufacture the following products as new and replacement systems:

Sunburst Turbo™
Sunburst® Turbo Plus™
Sunburst Turbo Quickdump™
1800-6 Spin Rinser Dryer
1600-55 Spin Rinser Dryer
SC200/SC300 Spin Rinser Dryer