Silicon Wet Etching Process Components

Modutek offers a broad range of silicon wet etching products. Our silicon wet etching products include Quartz Baths and Sub-Ambient Systems (BOE), Nitride Etch Baths as well as Temperature Controlled Circulators. We provide high quality equipment solutions that will meet all your manufacturing needs.

Quartz Baths for Silicon Wet Etching

The Modutek QFa Series of High Temperature Recirculating Baths is the result of almost 30+ years of evolutionary bath design and a passion for establishing the quality standard in quartz baths. At Modutek, we define quality by the degree of safety, reliability, and cost of ownership integrated into every aspect of our baths.

Sub-Ambient Systems / BOE for Silicon Wet Etching

The F SERIES sub-ambient filtered etch bath is our time tested solution to providing continuous filtration while reducing acid consumption in your BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch) or positive resist develop processes. A low cost of ownership has been engineered into every detail of our filter etch bath, making it one of our most consistent performers.

Temperature Controlled Circulator

The Modutek RCe Series of Temperature Control Recirculators was engineered to establish the highest standard for chiller/heater units. We have accomplished this by incorporating reliability, cost of ownership, and safety into every aspect of our design. The RCe Series is composed of a network of components and devices which continuously monitors the system.

Teflon Tanks

All Modutek Series Teflon tanks are available in three configurations: Temperature Controlled Recirculating Baths, Temperature Controlled Static Baths and Teflon ambient baths. All models are available in standard carrier sizes for single or double capacity. We also build custom sizes to match any requirement. Our module design allows for installation into any new wet etching station configuration.

Nitride Etch Baths For Silicon Wet Etching

The Nb Series silicon nitride etch bath is engineered to provide unparalleled process control, safety and flexibility. This is accomplished by creating a two-tired diagnostic system which monitors the temperature while maintaining the acid to water ratio through D.I. water supplementation.

Quick Dump Rinsers

The DR Series dump rinser is our most efficient process rinsing module. State-of-the-art engineering has eliminated particle entrapment, minimized rinsing time, reduced D.I. water consumption, and shortened dump time.

Solvent Baths For Silicon Wet Etching

The Modutek SFa Series Stainless Steel Temperature Controlled Recirculating Bath is designed for all of your solvent applications. All solvent baths emphasize safety and meets Class 1 Div 1 Group D requirements.