SuperClean™ 1600-55

The front-loading 1600-55 is Marteq’s most advanced dryer optimized for 150mm wafers. It can be loaded and operated automatically or manually, and is available with a variety of single unit and double-stack housings. Excellent particle performance to 0.2µm and smaller sizes is achieved with a high quality stainless steel bowl, high purity plumbing, and patented nitrogen labyrinth motor shaft seal, and can be enhanced with the optional RA-10 bowl. An ESD hardened multi-step, multi-recipe controller offers flexible processing.   superclean-1600-55

• Reduces DI water use up to 80%

• Reduces overall defect density

• PVDF and PP tank materials

• 300mm and smaller wafers

• Post-sulfuric, post-phosphoric, post-SC-2, and other post-acid rinse applications

• Transducer can be removed and replaced in the field

• Front-loading, on-axis design

• Single cassette capacity up to 150mm  wafers

• Easily integrated into fully- automated and manual

• Production environments

• Available in several single-unit or  double-stack configurations with standard or bay  and chase cabinets

• Footswitch automatically opens door for  easy loading

• S2-93and CE compliant

• The drying performance standard in  many of the world’s most advanced sub-micron fabs

• Patented non-contact, nitrogen  labyrinth seal

• 316 stainless-steel bowl

• Available RA-10finish bowl

• All-PFA plumbing, fittings, valves

• Strategically located spray nozzles

• Accurate rpm control to ±4rpm

• Low to neutral particle adders ≤0.15µm

• Few mechanics for high MTBF and uptime

• Precision indexing allows reliable  end-effector cassette interfacing

• ESD “hardened,” SECS-II  compatible controller

• Sensors for door open, closed, and  obstructed; rotor indexed; N2 flow, N2  pressure, and more

• Remote keypad and controls

• Quick-release and unobstructive  housing designs allow for fast and  easy service access

Rinse and dry steps following:

• Pre-Diffusion Clean, SC-1 Clean, SC-2 Clean

• Monitor Wafer Clean, Post-laserscribe Clean

• Post-Silicon-Polish Clean, Post-CMP Clean

• Pre-Epi / Post-Epi Deposition Cleans

• Post-Poly Deposition Clean, Post-Silicon-Etch Clean

• Nitride Strip, Titanium Strip, DHPH Etch

• Solvent Cleans, Pre-Silicide Clean

• Backside CVD Clean, Resist Strip

• Silicon wafers, thin wafers

• GaAs wafers

• Silicon Carbide

• Hard disks

• Masks, Glass, and more