Sunburst Turbo™

Sunburst Turbo megasonic cleaners have been a virtual industry standard for years. The patented transducer design directs energy radially across 100% of the wafer surface. This energy pattern eliminates sonic shadowing, cleans cassette slots, and doesn’t cause cassette damage. Used by leading semiconductor fabs throughout the world, no other megasonic has proven to be more effective than the Sunburst Turbo family of megasonics. Several tank and mounting configurations are available to accommodate OEM and end-user applications.


• Consistently near-100% particle removal efficiencies to 0.15µm in many applications

• Quartz, PVDF, PP tank materials

• 300mm and smaller wafers

• Pre-diffusion, pre-epi, monitor wafer clean, post laser-scribe, and other SC-1 applications

• Transducer can be removed and replaced in the field

• Verteq’s patented and proven high-performance Sunburst Turbo™ megasonic transducer

• Cassette configurations include continuous 52 wafer capacity compatible with “reduced” and “low-mass” cassettes, dual end-to-end cassettes, dual side-by-side cassettes, and single cassette

• Single, dual, and custom cassette applications

• Quartz, PVDF, and Natural Polypropylene tank materials

• 300mm, 200mm, and 150mm models available

  • Consistently near 100% particle removal efficiencies at 0.15µm and smaller particle sizes
  • Strategically located curved transducer directs energy between cassette side walls to eliminate shadowing
  • Energy pattern cleans cassette slots while eliminating the cassette damage caused by flat transducers
  •  Sunburst Turbo Quickdump™ megasonic rinsers reduce water consumption and shorten cycle times
  • Sunburst Turbo Quickdump™ megasonic rinsers reduce defect density by reducing particle reattachment
  • Quartz tanks feature rounded “seamless”corners for state-of-the-art cleanliness
  • Optional Chemraz®elastomers for maximum chemical resistance and service life
  • Single-, Dual-, and Foursided overflow with scalloped or serrated weirs and deep with scalloped trough for recirculation

• With hundreds of long-term installations in the world’s leading production fabs, no

other megasonic has proven to have greater longevity, reliability, or performance

• Several controller configurations available to meet OEM and end-user needs

• PLC and SECS-II communication compatibility

• Integral nitrogen “bubbler” level sensor, and transducer cooling flow sensor

Sunburst Turbo
Traditional and dilute SC-1, SC-2, and similar chemistries for:

• Pre-Diffusion Clean

• Pre-Epi Clean

• Monitor Wafer Clean

• Post-Laserscribe Clean

• and more

Sunburst Turbo Quickdump
• Post acid rinses for sulphuric, phosphoric, others

• Other critical and final rinse requirements

• Silicon wafers, thin wafers

• GaAs wafers

• Hard disks

• Glass, masks, and virtually any substrate up to 300mm