ESC-HV Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies

1-15 kV Models, Industry Standard Interface, designed for volume manufacturing and available with selectable features and flexible packaging option.


Comdel’s ESC suite of electrostatic chuck power supplies offer the most stable electrical design with the ultimate in package flexibility. These compact, lightweight chuck supplies come complete with built-in RF filters for device protection and unsurpassed clamping for electrostatic wafer processing applications.
  • Reduced risk of permanent charge on chuck through output polarity reversal
  • Low stored energy and built-in current limitations to safeguard from surges and arcs
  • Short circuit and open circuit proof design for enhanced reliability
  • Built-in RF filtering available.

The ESC series voltage sources provide stable power for electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor wafer transfer.

  • Output to input isolation: > 500 Meg ohm
  • Output regulation: 1% or better of output from 0 to full load
  • Output ripple: Less than 2%
  • Output linearity: Better than 1% full scale
  • Output voltage balance: Better than 1% for matched loads
  • Line input requirements: Single 24VDC @ 1 A typical (1A maximum)
  • DC power input: 3-pin Molex type, non-reversible quick disconnect
  • DC output: MHV connectors on HV terminals, BNC on center tap
  • Remote interface: 25-pin D type female (DB-25f)
  • Cooling: None required
  • Compliance: 1-3 kV models ETL Marked for product safety and CE compliant
  • Industry Standard Interface
  • Designed for Volume Manufacturing
  • Intermediate voltages available, consult factory for more information.
  • Flexible Packaging Options:
  • Refer to “Standard” model specifications for input line requirements, output voltage, current, regulation and cooling