SuperClean™ SC200/SC300

These 200mm and 300mm top-loading dryers are designed specifically for two-axis automated wet process systems. Each features advanced process recipe capabilities and numerous sensors to enhance automated operation. An RA-10bowl, PFA plumbing, and Marteq’s patented nitrogen labyrinth motor shaft seal all contribute to excellent particle performance at 0.15µm and smaller sizes. Advanced control capabilities provide flexible process recipes and automation interfacing.




• Top-loading

• Automation optimized

• Two-axis robotics compatible

• 300 and 200mm wafer versions

• Single cassette, or 52-wafer reduced cassette

• Advanced process control with PID controlled heaters for nitrogen and bowl surface

• Low to neutral particle adders

• Top-loading design with shallow load centerline compatible with front and rear two-axis robotics

• 52-wafer reduced cassette, dual cassette, and  cassetteless compatible

• All stainless-steel frame and panels

• S2-93 and CE compliant

• Combines proven SuperClean rinser dryer features with new standards in performance, reliability, and ease of service and integration

• Horizontally-actuated door recesses into a clean chamber during load/unload

• Patented non-contact, nitrogen labyrinth seals

• RA-10 bowl, PFA/Flaretek™ plumbing, optional RA-10 finish rotor

• Built-in bypass, drain, vent plumbing, P-trap and DI recirculation

• High pressure water valves to 80psig

• Patented drivetrain with flexible coupler diffuses vibration between motor and double-bearing rotor for smooth operation

• Accurate rpm control to ±4rpm

• PID temperature control of N2 and bowl heaters

• Low to neutral particle adders ≤0.15µm

• Few mechanics for high MTBF and uptime

• Precision indexing to 0.2°

• ESD “hardened,” SECS-II compatible controller

• Sensors for door open, closed, sealed, unsealed, and obstructed; rotor engaged, disengaged, locked, unlocked, indexed; N2 flow, N2 pressure, and more

• Remote keypad and optional lower frame for cpu, resistivity, and motor controls

• Serviceable items located along outer perimeter of  tool

Rinse and dry steps following:

• Pre-Diffusion Clean, SC-1 Clean, SC-2 Clean

• Monitor Wafer Clean, Post-laserscribe Clean

• Post-Silicon-Polish Clean, Post-CMP Clean

• Pre-Epi / Post-Epi Deposition Cleans

• Post-Poly Deposition Clean, Post-Silicon-Etch Clean

• Nitride Strip, Titanium Strip, DHPH Etch

• Solvent Cleans, Pre-Silicide Clean

• Backside CVD Clean, Resist Strip

• Silicon wafers, thin wafers

• GaAs wafers

• Silicon Carbide

• Hard disks

• Masks, Glass, and more